Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer (AMSMV) – a lightweight architectural non-load bearing product produced by wet-cast blending of cementitious material, lightweight and other aggregates, iron oxide pigments and admixtures, applied via cementitious mortar to a backing surface.

This specification covers the minimum product specifications for adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer (AMSMV) units applied as a masonry veneer adhered to exterior and interior walls, structures, columns, landscape structures, and other structures suitable to receive AMSMV units.

The property requirements of this specification apply at the time of delivery. The use of test results from installed AMSMV units in determining conformance or nonconformance to the requirements of this standard is beyond the scope of this specification

The AMSMV units described by this specification are manufactured from a mixture of cements, normal and lightweight aggregates, water, additives, and other components which are wet-cast into shapes simulating natural stone, brick, and other textures. This specification is limited to requirements for the physical attributes of AMSMV units.

The specification values are in inch-pound units, which are regarded as standard. The SI units, presented in parenthesis, are mathematical conversions that are provided for informational purposes only.