Current Research Activities

Contribution of Brick Veneer to Thermal Insulation

Project Area: Brick in Service

Priority: 4

Conduct testing to determine how brick veneer contributes to thermal performance of a wall

Status: We have been assembling the equipment to perform these tests. We wil have a Heat Flow Measurement System (Hot Box – ASTM 1363 and associated instrumentation) that can quantify heat flow through the wall (Masonry System) to measure both steady-state (R-value) and transient heat flow (to quantify thermal mass).

As part of Graham Shepherd’s research, we also have the capability of measuring the thermal conductivity of individual materials (ASTM C518) to be able to determine the contribution of each component to the overall thermal performance.

Initially, we will work to quantify the contribution of the veneer to the overall heat flow but will also look at ways to minimize heat flow through design of the units.