The National Brick Research Center is an industrially funded organization providing research, education, and service to producers and users of clay bricks and other ceramic materials (tile, mortar, and ceramics).

Entities join the Center by paying annual dues according to a schedule set by the Center’s Industrial Board of Directors. The Center seeks to augment the educational process of the University students and be an important contributor to the University’s mission in research and public service.

All technical presentations are available on WikiBrick

Educational Services Include: Little Things Mean a Lot emails, Short Courses, E-Learning platforms, Newsletters, and the annual Clemson Brick Forum


The National Brick Research Center will advance the technology of clay brick materials and products, as well as augment the education of ceramic and materials engineering students. We will serve individuals in the brick industry with a resultant increase and improved use of structural clay building products.


The vision for The Center is to be a key component in the economic success of its members through its influence on the manufacturing and use of brick and other structural clay building products.

The Center has developed unique capabilities and expertise to carry out its mission and vision with special emphasis in:

- Research and service testing for potential emission from manufacturing processes

- Solving problems related to manufacturing

- Evaluation of waste materials and additives

- Forensic evaluation of masonry materials

- Evaluation of raw materials

- Evaluation and problem solving with masonry systems

- Forensic evaluation of masonry materials