2020 Clemson Brick Forum

Sponsor & Vendor Registration Form is now available!
Download your form: 2020BrickForumVendorRegistration

What’s New for the 66th Annual Clemson Brick Forum:

  • Meeting Areas: We will have up to three private or semi-private meeting areas set up around the Civic Center for you to connect with your customers. These will be available all day and on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to reserve one for a specific time, please contact Anne Jenkins at ammcken@clemson.edu and at +1 864 656 1096.
  • Vendor Presentations: Instead of the afternoon vendor sessions, we will have a presentation area set up either in or near the hospitality area during the hospitality sessions. You can reserve a time by contacting Anne Jenkins at ammcken@clemson.edu and at +1 864 656 1096. We will announce these vendor presentation sessions on the PA, post it on signage throughout the venue, and through the Attendify App.

We’re also considering more ways to increase interactions & fun!

  • Speaker’s Quiz
  • Trivia contest
  • Flash polls
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Beer tasting – big hit last year!
  • DJ
  • Photo/video booth
  • Pool tables/table tennis
  • Karaoke

Other changes:

  • Attendee registrations will be made using the Attendify portal
  • Vendor registrations may only be paid using a credit card
  • All vendors must purchase a 10’x10’ booth, even those sharing a booth space with another vendor

For additional information, including hotel packages, please download the 2020ForumSponsorshipInformationPacket.

For more information, please contact Anne Jenkins, +1 864 656 1096.